The Natural History of Volusia County

At the January 20th meeting of the Southeast Volusia Audubon Society, Mr. Michael Brothers gave an incredibly interesting  presentation on the Natural History of Volusia County. He started by showing a chart of Florida when sea levels were 70-80 feet higher than they are now and the terraces and dunes (ridges) created as the sea levels fell.  He talked about the beginnings of the St. John's River and the marshes that resulted in Tuscawilla Park which contains both northern and southern plants and the burial of skeletons of about sixty different species of prehistoric animals near Reed Canal Road.

His presentation so impressed the group that several of them requested a copy of his presentation.  With his permission,  the presentation is available as the 56 mb Powerpoint presentation, and this more compact browser-based version.  

Scroll down the thumbnails on the left to see the larger picture on the right.


Program by Michael Brothers.