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December 2012 Speaker

Join the Museum of Arts and Sciences’ James "Zach" Zacharias at our December meeting and discover the amazing ice age giants that once roamed Volusia County.  Learn about amazing paleontological discoveries in our area and how early humans may have caused the demise of these species 11,000 years ago, through a presentation entitled “Return to Prehistoric Florida.”  Some of these discoveries have been discussed in the NewsJournal in recent weeks.  It is also interesting to note that Ford Bell, President of American Association of Museums observed, “The Museum of Arts and Sciences is exemplary in many ways. The AAM Accreditation Commission was particularly impressed by its education and public outreach programs. The people of Daytona Beach and surrounding communities can take pride in this museum.”

Zach is a Florida native, born and raised in Miami.  He holds a BA in Communications from Florida State University, a BA in History from the University of Central Florida and a Masters degree in Education from Nova South Eastern University.

Zach has been on the staff of the Museum of Arts and Sciences for eighteen years and is now Senior Curator of Education and Curator of History with a specialty in Florida History.  He was invited to speak at the Smithsonian Institution last spring on museum education issues and gives talks on Florida history throughout Central Florida.  He lives in Deland with his wife, two school age children, one llama, two horses, two alpacas and two dogs.