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March 2016 Speaker

Annual Journey of the Swallow-tailed Kite:  Breeding Requirements, Migration Route, and Winter Destinations.

Gina Kent, Avian Research and Conservation Institute (ARCI)

Learn the results of ARCI’s latest research on Swallow-tailed Kites.  Find out what they look for in a breeding territory, how they are one of North America’s most social raptors, and the challenges they face throughout the year as they migrate 10,000 miles between their U. S. nesting areas and winter locations in South America.  Gina Kent, who has worked for ARCI and studied Swallow-tailed Kites for over 16 years, will share the latest in technology and field methods and the fine details of this spectacular bird’s long-distance, seasonal movements and fascinating behaviors.

Since 2000, Gina Kent has been working with ARCI. Whether conducting bird surveys from small planes, boating around the Florida Keys, or climbing up 100-foot tall trees, Gina has worked with many Florida specialty birds including Short-tailed Hawks, Snail Kites, Reddish Egrets, White-crowned Pigeons and others. She is based in Florida, but travels throughout the Southeast US and internationally researching birds. Gina received an undergraduate degree in wildlife from University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, and her Master's degree in biology from Georgia Southern University. She conducted her graduate thesis work on Swallow-tailed Kite migration stopover sites from the SE US through Cuba and the Yucatan.

Avian Research and Conservation Institute (ARCI)  HYPERLINK "" is a non-profit organization that has focused on applied ecological studies of rare and imperiled birds in the United States and Latin America. Their goals are to fill critical-data gaps and to provide land managers with feasible and effective recommendations, to train professional conservation biologists in study methods and management techniques, and to enhance the public’s appreciation for sound stewardship of natural resources. 

HI Southeast Volusia Audubon!

I have attached a bio and description of my Swallow-tailed Kite talk for March of 2016. 

I've had some correspondence with Ken Gunn, and I thought I would share this with the rest of you.  We are very grateful for SEVAS support of a GPS-satellite-tracked Swallow-tailed Kite for a year.  You can work out the details by contacting Ken Meyer, Director of ARCI also copied here (352)514-5606.

Your contribution would support a bird we are currently following.  The tracking data can be viewed coarsely on line through, but we also provide regular blogs about our satellite tracked birds on our website and through our facebook page.  It will be a pleasure for us to acknowledge SEVAS as the birds sponsor on each of our blog posts and a page on our website as well.  This will be the first time any organization has sponsored a year of tracking data!

Current maps link through

our blog:


Some point soon, may be you can talk to Ken about the details.  His number is 352-514-5606 and email above.

Thank you!

Gina Kent

Gina Kent

Research Ecologist and Coordinator

Avian Research and Conservation Institute

Gainesville, FL, USA

Refreshments will be served.