Southeast Volusia Audubon Society, P.O. Box 46, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170;

Sep 2014 Exec Committee Meeting Minutes

Audubon Executive Meeting      September 30th, 2014         2pm


Don Picard-President
Dick Domroski-Membership chair
Gail Domroski-Field trips
Lamont Ingalls-Conservation chair
Leslie Sachs-Secretary

Financial report information:
Balance              $2,684.37
MDC rent              $600.00
Expenses              $441.25
Income*                $675.88

*income derived from the National Audubon share, donations, raffle 

ECVF (environmental council of Volusia/Flagler):
Report given by Lamont Ingalls.  Cleaning up by-laws, reworking
the Mission Statement to Preserve, Protect and Restore.
Need 2/3’s majority to change by-laws.
Objectives being changed to exchange information as a unified voice.
Don Picard will be alternate

Tomoka Science Fair prizes and judges:
This event will be held sometime in January/February 2015.
Leslie Sachs volunteered to be one of the judges.
We will partner with 2 other clubs
Prizes will be $100.00 for first place Senior and first place Junior entry.
2nd place prize will be $50.00 for Senior and Junior entry.

Audubon Adventures: This program was discontinued due to no
feedback from educators. There is a new person in charge and she
would like to restart this program with an online format. Cost per
classroom would be $16.95. Newsletter will be sent to science teachers
to contact Audubon for this program.  We will try for one year
with unlimited 4 and 5th grade classrooms. If we do not get
any feedback from teachers then we will discontinue unlimited
support. We feel the on-line format will be more interesting to
the students and hope to finance this program with classroom
sponsorships from Audubon members.

Lamont Ingalls to Audubon Assembly:
It was agreed unanimously  to pay the $129.00 registration fee.

50/50 at meetings: $87.00 was raised from our 50/50 raffle

Ken Gunn would like us to start a volunteer beach patrol at Bethune Beach due to vulnerability of nesting Plovers on his property in April and May. Don will attend a Shorebird partnership meeting on Thursday Oct 2nd to find out more information. 

Volusia shorebird partnership:  Don will meet and discuss with FWC progress on implementing the Stewards program.

Audubon Report on State of the Birds: Birds and Climate change
More information found under
Birds and climate change. We need to support efforts to curb
greenhouse gases. We must heed the warning signs and use them as an opportunity to take collective action.

Audubon Climate change campaign: Postcards and materials to
club for only the cost of postage.  We will display at various events and meetings for people to get the word out.

Discussed Bird friendly yards.  Need to get with Debbie Pell regarding this.

Amendment 1: Polling kits to Audubon clubs

Increase outreach: Beach walks conducted by Don at Esther St. Beach Park on October 22 and November 12th at 9am

Birding talks at NSB Regional library. Will contact Corey Bruce
for dates to be determined.

Booths at other festivals/events: Edge is combining an Earthday
and Easter event.  Would like a table however we must determine
if this is a bird friendly event. Dick will find out if baby birds are
being given out to area children before Audubon participates.

Discussed: Fertilizer ordinance, lagoon programs,

Meeting adjourned at 340pm

Leslie Sachs, Secretary