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Nov 2014 Meeting Minutes

Minutes for November 13th, 2014 SEVAS meeting.

Financial report:

10/2014 Balance                 2494.00

Audubon assembly              -129.00

Shipping promo material       -12.00

Income                                +296.88

Current  balance                  2649.88                  


50/50 raffle will help support Audubon Adventures for 4th and 5th grade classes.

Individuals can also sponsor a class if desired.  The amount is $16.00 per class.  2 classes have responded.

Lamont’s conservation chair report:

Audubon Assembly in Stuart was a wonderful experience. Goals are to bring in younger people.  Amendment 1 passed however it is critical to make sure that the state does right by the law.

Climate change effects on coastal and animal environment. 7 year study shows 380 species will be affected by loss of nesting habitat due to rising sea levels, salt water intrusion of estuaries and human water supplies.

Reviving the Environmental Council of Volusia/Flagler Counties. Don White is the Flagler County conservation

chair.  Propose Ocean Hammock Golf course lodge. Land use is for recreation and government use. Trying to build a 198 room lodge. This was also tried 3 years ago. The courts ruled against it due to plat restrictions. Issues are public access, turtle and bird nesting areas, effects on dunes.

Impact of climate change on birds:

Where are they migrating to? 50% of the studied species are staying further north of their southern range. The winter bird study of 40 years shows that birds are moving further north and further west. Merging of habitats is causing interbreeding (warblers). Hybrids are typically sterile and could cause an evolutionary dead end. For example Polar bears and Brown bears are encroaching each others habitats and interbreeding. The resulting offspring cannot swim as well as pure polar bear offspring causing a decline in population.

Field activities report by Gail and Dick:

The Otter Lake Trail outing was cancelled. 6 people went to Spruce Creek off of US 1 and saw 34 species.  There was also an abundance of beautiful wildflowers. A very nice trip.


The next outing will be held on November 14th at Merritt Island. Bring lunch and bug spray. Black Point Drive is closed for repairs. We will go to Peacock’s Pocket or Bio Lab Road.

Meet in Edgewater near the new Dunkin’ Donuts in Florida Shores Plaza at 7am between Chick Filet and Bank of America.

The Christmas Bird count will be held January 3rd, 2015. Give Dick or Gail your information on your availability. The same 15 mile diameter area has been studied for 25 years. This data provides conclusions to the scientists.

Calling all beach stewards:

There has been a request by Ken Gunn for beach stewards to protect the nesting plovers that have been coming to Bethune Beach for the past 2 years. The FWC will be starting a beach stewards program by next March 2015. If you are interested in helping to protect the nesting birds, their eggs and chicks, please let Don know and he will pass your name to the appropriate county and FWC personnel. If interested his email address is:   

Unwanted cellphones and tablets can still be brought to any of our meetings and Ken Gunn will collect them and send them to Dian Fossey’s field workers in Rwanda and The Democratic Republic of the Congo. These workers use them to keep field notes on the gorillas. They may also sell them to raise funds. All in all it is a very good cause. Please remember to take out your Sim cards.


Ed Northey who is an Environmental Specialist II for Volusia County Mosquito Control and formerly with the County Environmental Management.

He supervises the Mosquito Inspector(s) group which consists of 8 Inspectors covering more than 345,000 acres within the East Volusia Mosquito Control District. The Mosquito control is dependent on Audubon bird count data to see when we get viruses in the field.

Ed is a native Floridian born in Orlando, Fla  and lifelong resident of Southwest Volusia County (aka “the pocket”)

He is an avid outdoorsman – Fishing; Freshwater and Saltwater (inshore, near-shore and offshore), Hunting (primitive weapon enthusiast, specifically archery), Diving for lobster and scallops, wildlife observations.

Ed has enjoyed listening to and vocalizing with, pursuing, and animal husbandry of our native Osceola Wild Turkey for more than 25 years

He also is the best turkey caller we have ever heard.  He spoke of the habits and habitats of Florida wild turkeys.  Usually this is done outside in the field but he spoke inside for our group and pointed out a lot of interesting facts about turkeys. He taught us all about turkey vocalization and what their different calls meant. A very enjoyable and informative talk.

The 50/50 was held and $37.00 was raised.

Meeting adjourned.

Leslie Sachs, Secretary