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March 2015 Prez Sez

Off Highway Vehicle Use in Tiger Bay State Forest

Last month I mentioned that, despite having litigated the issue in 2013, it had returned to life, this time by Rep Dwayne Taylor of Daytona Beach filing HB-419 to not only allow OHV use in the forest but also to set aside up to 10% of the area for the exclusive use of the OHV community.  

The News-Journal, on Mar 1 invited our elected leaders to share their priorities with the readership. In his comments, Rep. Taylor indicated an understanding of the intent of the voters in passing Amendment 1 and stated he would “work to secure the capital necessary to protect our World’s Most Famous Beach and surrounding natural resources.”  

To me, filing HB-419 would seem to contradict that statement.  So I sent him an email pointing that out and providing him with some background on the issue from our point of view.  I asked him to reconsider his bill in light of this background.  You can see the text of my email here.

Please contact Rep Taylor and tell him that the Tiger Bay State Forest is too sensitive for OHV use.  He can be contacted at his State House office at (850) 717-5026 and at his District Office at

(386) 239-6202.  



In November, Florida 75% of Florida voters voted YES to Amendment 1.  The destruction of lands currently protecting our most valuable resources was not intended.