Southeast Volusia Audubon Society, P.O. Box 46, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170;

Be a Climate Change Messenger for Coastal Birds and Habitat

Florida Audubon is asking you to be a climate messenger.  Their message includes a short article and some youtube videos and powerpoint programs.  The article follows:

“Millions of people value Florida's coastal beaches and saltmarshes as special places in which to live and play. Our coastlines also provide irreplaceable habitat for nesting sea turtles and millions of birds to nest, rest, and feed throughout each year. National Audubon Society's climate scientists recently modeled current North American bird distributions with climate change projections and found that 318 bird species are at risk of extinction due to drastic shifts in their breeding or winter distributions.

Sea level rise is already evident along our eroding coastlines but we cannot hold back the ocean indefinitely with hard structures like seawalls. One alternative is to preserve and protect undeveloped lands adjacent to coastal beaches and saltmarsh habitat so that as sea level rises, habitat can reestablish naturally farther inland and the coastal birds that depend on these habitats for survival will have a place to live in our future.
We need your help taking these messages to the public and to public decisionmakers throughout Florida. Learn more about birds and wildlife living in coastal areas and how to protect their habitat in the face of sea level rise. Let's plan for climate change and make sure our response to sea level rise helps - rather than harms - Florida's coastal wildlife. 

Download the Audubon Florida YouTube videos and powerpoints for more information.