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It's in the Air

snowy owlThe Environmental Protection Agency is poised to take a bite out of carbon pollution through proposed standards for new coal-fired power plants. With the unlovely name of New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), this draft rule is nevertheless our next best shot at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and slowing climate change.

Leading scientists warn that climate change poses a grave threat to the world's biodiversity. With legislative climate solutions mired in bipartisan gridlock in Congress, this new draft standard offers a way to make progress on one of the biggest polluters of carbon pollution: coal-fired power plants. If this rule goes well, dirty, older plants are next in line for pollution reductions.

Getting comments in to EPA to support this standard is a top priority for Audubon. You can help by sending in the postcard you'll find in the March/April of Audubon Magazine.  Look for the snowy owl, one of many birds whose habitat is being impacted by our warming climate. We'll also be sending chapters a supply of cards. Let's get an avalanche of support into EPA to reduce carbon pollution!