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June 2012 Prez Sez


We just finished an exciting year and I hope you enjoyed it.  Thanks to all who participated in our success.  Hopefully you learned lots from the excellent speakers Ken got for us.  I also hope you enjoyed the field trips Dick and Gail organized.  Next year will be equally wonderful.  I encourage your participation, not only as observers but as doers.  We need your ideas and your help to continue your club. 

Million Solar Rooftops.

Last month I said I would send an email to National Audubon regarding the million solar rooftops proposal  In it, I would propose that National Audubon petition the major manufacturers and big box stores to put solar panel installations on their billions of square feet of flat rooftops.  I sent the email to David Yarnold, President of National Audubon on April 27.  I received no reply or acknowledgement of receipt.  I copied that email to Lynn Tennefoss at National and to Jacqui Sulek of Florida Audubon.  Nothing from them either.  On May 22, I sent an email to Jacqui Sulek asking if she received my email of 4/27.  I have not received a reply from her to that email.  Considering that the latest National Audubon Strategic Plan calls for strong local chapter support, I find this quite interesting.  What should I make of it?

Maybe they only think big chapters count?

Public Lands in Jeopardy. 

In the Jun 3 edition of the Daytona News-Journal, Dinah Voyles-Pulver has an article which focuses on the latest attack on public lands at SJRWMD.  Apparently, they are now trying to decide which lands that were bought by taxpayer dollars may be converted to "better" uses.  They want to ensure that the lands actually meet the mission of water protection.  They want to examine the lands acre by acre to see if there are other uses, such as billboards or cell towers that might provide additional money.  They ask us to 'TRUST THE PROCESS".  There a lot of skeptics, and we should be among them.   

Simultaneously, Florida Audubon is starting a program to invite people who have a special connection to a special place to write an article which describes the place and why it connects to you.  If you like writing and are attracted to a special place, check the post below.

Enjoy your summer.  See you on the flip side.