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January2012 Conservation Notes



National Audubon’s President and CEO, David Yarnold wrote a valuable commentary about the Christmas Bird count published on Christmas day in the Gainesville Sun. I don’t know if Volusia County media carried his op-ed, distributed by MCT Information Services.


Some of Yarnold’s remarks were especially timely and needed. Here is a key quote:


    "Audubon’s Birds and Climate Change analysis revealed that 58 percent of the species seen during the count

    were showing up significantly farther north than 40 years ago -- right in line with charted temperature increases.

    In addition to showing why it's so important to reduce atmosphere-warming carbon emissions,this disturbing     

    finding added new urgency to 'adaptive management' conservation planning."

I'm sure human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are warming the land and sea as well as the air. Carbon dioxide is acidifying our oceans which weakens or destroys the oceanic food web, vital to fish, birds and many other creatures including humans. Scientists agree that recent lethal and record-breaking, violent weather will worsen as we continue overheating the planet.


I hope National Audubon will unite with other organizations in demanding prompt, aggressive cuts in greenhouse emissions with an all-out push for energy efficiency and swift conversion to clean renewables.


We may be running out of time to restrain global overheating before some of its worst effects become irreversible.


Lee Bidgood, Jr.

Gainesville, Florida


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