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December 2015 Prez Sez

It is that time of year again.  Not sure where time goes to but it does travel fast.  I just registered for the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival which runs from Jan 20-25, 2016.  There are some changes in the  pricing structure, including a higher registration fee but lots of free and $10 programs.  But what really caught my eye is on the booklet page 5 with the headline “Space Coast Birding and ‘wildlife Festival “Gives Back” to Conservation.”   Turns our that $5.00 of my registration fee will be donated to the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida.  

This is the same organization that honored Governor Rick Scott for his “”excellent work in conservation.“ It was on Nov 14th at the Green Glades Ranch, owned by FWC Commissioner Ron Bergeron, a Scott crony.  

This is the same Rick Scott that declared he was not a scientist and so not qualified to speak about climate change, but forbade his staff to even mention the words.

This is the same Rick Scott that appointed crony lawyers and real estate developers to positions such as DEP chairman, and heads of Water Management Districts.  No scientists needed there.

This is the Same Rick Scott that decreased budgets for the DEP and FWC and Water Management Districts in the past, and changing their focus from water conservation and aquifer recharge to fast tracking permits for developments.

This is the same Rick Scott that proposed golf courses and camping resorts in state parks and more recently his staff proposed that parks pay their own way by introducing logging, grazing and other incompatible activities.

This is the same Rick Scott that just proposed a budget $1 billion more than last year, but added more corrections officers and decreased the state workforce by 863 people, most of whom will come from the DEP and Department of Health.  At least 50 of the DEP folks will be from the State Parks system.

Obviously the Brevard Nature Alliance made this pledge to the FWFF before learning about the award to Scott.  But it still makes you wonder.