Southeast Volusia Audubon Society, P.O. Box 46, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170;

December 2013 Conservation Notes


In response to my monthly call for inputs to the eSkimmer News, I received the following email from Catherine Bidgood:

"Dear Don,

I’m very sorry to tell you the news about Lee.  He has an advanced case of lymphoma and is in Skilled Nursing at Oak Hammock.  He swears he has no pain but when moved, the nurses swears he does.  Being in Hospice, they will not force him to take pills he does not want.  Several nurses have said a lot of veterans react that way.  They try to stay away from pain killers as long as possible.  We found out not very long ago and have been swamped by decisions and visits from family.  We are so thankful that we live here at O.H. where all the facilities are located so close to our house.


His kind of Lymphoma is very aggressive and we don’t expect he’ll live very long.


We loved our years with Audubon in New Smyrna Beach and we loved all of you.


Catherine Bidgood"

Lee has been a stalwart of the environmental community for longer than I know.  Catherine asked me to be president of the SEVAS in 1997 after atending only a few meetings.  I was not even a member of Audubon, Maureen was.  Lee held most of the positions in the club at one time or another and was conservation chair for most of my tenure as president.  He wrote letters to the editors, letters to decision makers, had a weekly column in a local newspaper, and more recently wrote op-ed columns in the Gainesville newspaper. 

Catherine was membership chair and wrote, edited and published the Skimmer newsletter back in the day of typewriters. 

When they left New Smyrna Beach for Gainesville, they left a void that has not been filled.  I missed Lee's intensity and I missed Catherine's enthusiasm and her smile. 

The environmental movement is about to lose a real hero.