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January 2020 Reflections

Welcome to 2020

Wow, January 2020 brings both the start of a new year and a new decade! There are many challenges that our environment and our birds are facing and will continue to face in this decade due to climate change and the current administration's denial of climate science. Challenges, however, always bring opportunities to act as individuals and groups to bring about change, no matter how small, and to make a difference in our own little corner. That is why we are hopeful and excited about working with you all in SEVAS to identify those opportunities and effect that change.

Our stated goals for this year are to work to create a space for birds using Florida native, bird friendly plantings at the MDC and to support Dream Green Volusia and it's goals for a single use plastic free Volusia County.

In October 2019 SEVAS was awarded a Plants for Birds grant that is funded by Florida Audubon and FPL. A team is working toward creating such a space as well as finding more grant funding to enhance this project. There will be many opportunities for "hands on" support when the ground is broken for this exciting project. Stay tuned for information from John Pierce and Joyce Riddel about the progress of the work on these grant projects and the opportunities for you personally to become involved.

At our November meeting Suzanne Scheiber and  Rebecca Chaffee gave a hopeful report about their work  surveying and recognizing local restaurants for achieving a more "green" status. If any chapter members are interested in helping with these surveys there are opportunities for that. Another way to support this effort is to frequent the restaurants and businesses that do meet the standards and have been awarded "Gold status". A list of these businesses can be available at the next meeting.

And, while this plea for involvement may sound redundant, the challenges our environment is facing are real and urgent You have an opportunity to support education and awareness events in our area. They include:

And, support your local SEVAS chapter with your time and talent. Join as a SEVAS member only, or as a National Audubon member. Come to our monthly meetings, (2nd Thursday of month at MDC at 7pm), join our field trips (schedule available on website) or come to our monthly social times called Bird n Brew.