Southeast Volusia Audubon Society, P.O. Box 46, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170;

President's Pen

SEVAS 2020 is about ready to go on hiatus for the summer.  We want to thank you all for helping us through our first year of leadership.  This year  there has been a lot of activity including fun  field trips, spirited board meetings, informative monthly meetings, an exciting learning experience with grants and some goals accomplished. We look to increasing  activism as we move forward.


Where did you fit in? Where would you like to see SEVAS go for next year? How can we grow and meet the needs of the members?  These are the questions we will examine through the summer.  These are also the questions that we would  ask you and welcome feedback  from you. Please feel free to give us that  feedback.  We are serving to help our chapter grow and meet the mission statement of protecting birds and other animals and their habitats through education, science and activism. And hopefully to develop community and have fun along the way


This brings us to next year's leadership team.  We continue to be willing to serve as co-presidents and thank the others who are willing to serve in the many roles offered. Our annual officer voting will be done this year by e-mail.  A separate email will be sent to all voting members with a 2 week window in which to respond. The nominating committee has put together a slate of officers for the upcoming year. Please review, consider stepping forward to fill any voids and vote for the team you would support next year.


April is Earth Month and April 22 is the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day. Instead of celebrating by being outdoors, in groups, planting trees, installing native plant beds, sharing information, or generally celebrating nature, we find ourselves in a state of uncertainty and flux as we watch the earth struggle to overcome this new virus. And  instead of celebrating the new Plants for Birds Garden at Lagoonacy this year we have had to put our plans and planting on hold. Fortunately Florida Audubon has agreed to extend our grant deadline and the activity around our P4B will resume in the late summer and Fall. As we look to the birds for hints on how to weather a storm we find that they are resourceful and proactive when a storm is coming. They find a place to hunker down and stay, sometimes isolated from their cohorts. They "puff up" when the winds are swirling and protect themselves from adverse conditions. They "stay in place" as long as it takes, And then, when the storm is over, come out and and resume their singing and "normal" activites. Let it be so for us


We are grateful for your energy and support and welcome our new members who have come aboard. Thank you, stay safe, enjoy the summer and we will see you in the Fall with renewed focus and energy.

Sincerely, Marsha and Bill Cox, Co-presidents