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November 2019 Reflections from the Presidents

Audubon Assembly and the Year Ahead

Greetings from Bill and Marsha,  It is with great anticipation that we look forward to another SEVAS year.  First we had the privilege of representing our Chapter at the Florida Audubon Assembly in Gainsville. The focus of this year's assembly was "Water and Land for Florida's Future: Science based strategies for clean water and healthy watersheds". There were 3 learning sessions that focused on (1) treatment wetlands that improve water quality and provide bird habitat,(2) and programs like Jay Watch and Coastal Bird Stewardship that are Audubon's community science programs, and (3) the role of agriculture in Florida's watershed and how Audubon is working with farmers to protect our watershed. They were excellent and provided an insight into how Florida Audubon is working with other "players"  to improve the health of our environment.

We were also able to network with other chapter leaders from through-out the state.  Many from larger chapters and many from similar size chapters as ours.  All shared an infectious excitement about working to combat climate change and ideas that energized their respective chapters. In addition we were able to witness, on the big screen,  that SEVAS was one of just twelve chapters to receive a $2500 grant provided by Florida Audubon and Florida Power and Light. Thanks to John Pierce and input from many others a grant was submitted to develop an area at the Marine Discovery Center to attract and support birds using Florida native plants.  This will be a major initiative for the upcoming year. We will need help from all of you to make this a reality. But what an exciting way to get to know one another better, share in an important activity and improve our environment. We will also continue our support of the efforts of Dream Green Volusia.

We hope you will join us for our first meeting of the new year on Thursday the 14th at 7pm at the Marine Discovery Center.  And while we are anxious to get our environmental work started let's not forget the many birding field trips that Gail has set up. Come join us and get involved and thanks for all you do on your own to support birds and our planet.

We will provide more information on the assembly in future newsletters.

Sincerely, Marsha and Bill Cox, Co-presidents