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November 2019 Plants for Birds

Joyce Pearce Riddel

Have you heard about the Plants for Birds project we have going with the Marine Discovery Center in New Smyrna Beach? If not, here is an overview to fill you in on what we are up to.

SEVAS had a desire to create awareness and educate the public about the many benefits of using native species of plants, shrubs and trees to create and preserve natural habitats and attract birds. We know these habitats will preserve the necessary spaces to protect our diminishing bird, insect and wildlife species. So, we have collaborated with the Marine Discovery Center who have graciously given us space for the garden. SEVAS, then applied for grants to fund the project. We received a $2,500 grant from Florida Power and Light to begin phase 1 of our multi-phased project. YAY!  Thanks go to John Pierce and Marsha Cox for that win and are now applying for an additional $10,000 Burke grant to support Phase 2.  If we obtain all we are applying and hope for, the garden will include a native plant garden, a water garden, a pergola and shade trees for comfort and esthetic appeal. And, will also provide interpretive signage to inform, educated and inspire our visitors. How can you help, you may ask? Well, we just happen to have a few suggestions for your consideration. We will be forming committees in the next few months and looking for leaders and volunteers to help with a myriad of activities. We need volunteers to help generate community awareness,  to fundraising and of course to do the “playing in the dirt” stuff like site preparation, building and planting. So, push up your sleeves, raise your hand and grab a neighbor or family member, we need your help! Thus far, we’ve received positive comments and support from the friends we have reached out to including the City of New Smyrna Beach, Dream Green Volusia, the Edgewater Environmental Association, the Biology Department at UCF, and the Knighthawks student Audubon society at UCF. We have also received promises of support from Young Bear Environmental Consulting and the Paw-Paw Volusia chapter of the native plant society. So, join the team!! We are going to have lots of fun as we build a wonderful place for our community,  native plants and our beautiful birds and wildlife to coexist. If you would like additional information contact John Pierce  or Joyce Riddel