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April 2019: SEVAS kicks off campaign against single-use plastics

Recognizing the dangers that plastics pose to our water environments, from canals to oceans, and to the fish and other animals  that inhabit them, the Southeast Volusia Audubon Society kicked off its campaign against single-use plastics on Saturday, April 13th.  It was at a booth at the annual Lagoonacy event sponsored by the Marine Discovery Center in New Smyrna Beach.

The goal of the campaign is to get stores to stop using single-use shopping bags, and for stores and restaurants and lounges to stop using plastic straws, and styrofoam containers for “doggie bags”.  The front end of the effort is education.  We engaged over a hundred visitors with pamphlets telling them what they can do to help, as well as handing out business cards to give to wait staff in restaurants and lounges to ask them to stop serving plastic straws and not to provide straws unless the patrons specifically ask for them.  Most of the visitors welcomed the ideas and many were already ob board.  

Meanwhile, John went from booth to booth engaging with the many vendors to get them on board as well.  He found them very receptive.  

Suzanne Scheiber, founder of the Dream Green Volusia Project, spent a couple of hours at the Lagoonacy providing advice and ideas about the next phases of the campaign.  Joining this project is where we got the impetus for our campaign.  Shortly, she will announce a photo contest and other activities which we will closely follow.  She also spent time engaging with visitors and vendors.

For the summer, most of our participation will be from afar since most of us are “snowbirds”, but we should have a well-coordinated position for the Fall.