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May 2019 Prez Sez

A Birds eye view

On Tuesday April 23rd some SEVAS personnel gathered for an in-formal wrap up before so many migrate north.  The objective was part social, part transitional, and part planning.  Of course the social part was easy and we want to keep it that way.  Let’s enjoy each other’s company as we enjoy the birds and the environmental concerns in our lives.  

The transitional part also seemed to go well.  John Pierce has been our Acting President for the past year and VP for 2 years prior to that and now has accepted the position of Treasurer. Going forward John will also continue his work with youth and outreach.  We thank you John for your willingness to serve and continue to serve as well as the outstanding job you did of defining a clearer vision for SEVAS in the community and  the environment.

And of course we thank Don Picard who after more than 20 years of leadership and commitment to SEVAS has moved from President to President Emeritus. We wish him and Maureen a more relaxed and enjoyable future as he now can more easily pick and choose his future involvement. Thank you both!

The planning part of the meeting went exceptionally well with good input and enthusiasm from all in attendance. Nancy White has agreed to continue as Hospitality chair and the Books to Schools Program. There was a suggestion that perhaps teachers might prefer dvds with an environmental focus instead of books. Nancy will look into that.

Gail has agreed to continue doing her awesome job coordinating the field trips. She welcomes any input or suggestions for places to visit. It was suggested that perhaps a “big trip” could be planned with an overnight. Joyce agreed to help with the planning of this. Gail is looking to have some other “expert” birders help with field trips as back up.

Don will keep his responsibilities as chief blogger, Facebook person and e-skimmer editor. He also will maintain his position as keeper of membership statistics. Joyce has a vision for the Membership Committee that includes attracting, maintaining, and incorporating new members. She has agreed to work on this with the help of Don.
Richard has agreed to continue as Publicity coordinator, name tag creator, bird house builder, and bird seed bag creator. Jackie will fill the Secretary position again for next year.

Lamont will continue to keep an eye on conservation issues around the state and inform us so action plans can develop.  He has however stepped down from his role as program coordinator for our monthly meetings.  With Lamont’s advice we can expect Mary Schreiber, Marsha and Bill to develop exciting and fruitful programs for the upcoming year.

Ken and Margo have offered to implement a bird identification segment to begin each meeting with a fun and learning experience.  In addition they offered lots of exciting aspects to improve SEVAS.

This not so brief summary is a “Bird’s eye view” as we head off for the summer. Thank you for your confidence in us and clearly you can see it will take a group effort for SEVAS to grow and flourish in the upcoming year.

Bill and Marsha Cox