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March 2019 VP's Corner

What's next for the Chapter

The ‘18-‘19 SEVAS Chapter meetings, field trips, and speaker programs are winding down. Snow Birds head North, the year ‘rounders secure the hatches and find new adventures for their Birding and environmental summer focus. Thus, March Chapter meeting is in many ways, the “last hurrah” for action planning. This upcoming Chapter session will be busy bringing to closure some of the activities begun or in progress since last we met. Among agenda items are status reports and strategy on the Edgewater Apr.3 election, comments on a developing, local “Environmental Civic Leaders”  movement , and a Honey Tasting Festival on March 16th, where a manned

SEVAS informational site is planned.


Our on-going commitment to MDC’s “ LAGOONACY” is planned for Sat. April 13.

We still need membership assistance for set-up, manning and spelling of booth staff. Ken Park will be the go-to person this year. Please approach he or I for this year’s assignment to this annual event. It’s fun (cardboard boat races?) and goood comradery, while you actively introduce others into the Audubon values.


April is the conclusion of our formal season. It is an informal “pot luck” offering good food and good socializing. The business session will have year-end standing committee reports and voting on nomination committee candidates for office in ‘19-‘20. Both of these obligations need thought, so mentioning them in both March  and April’s V.P. Corner  seems fair enough. Plan on attending our wind-down meetings, and give our closeout a proper send-off. Maybe even form good contacts and notions that will keep you on track until opening Chapter meeting in November?