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February 2019 Prez Sez

Vigilance and Activism needed to help DeSantis water agenda

Governor Ron deSantis has his work cut out for him. He calls himself a “Teddy Rosevelt Conservative” and is interested in helping the water situation in Florida. This despite that he voted against environment 98% of the time when he was in the House of Representatives. 

His first budget did include 625 millions for Everglades clean-up and other water projects.  This was a “down-payment” on the more than 2.5 billion for better water quality, springs renourishment, and septic tank change-outs.

And he recognizes that the water situation will throttle Florida growth and business. 

But, though he recognizes that sea level rise is a concern and must be addressed, there is no mention of  climate change or reduction of greenhouse gases. 

Then there is the State Legislature.  They were more conservative than Rick Scott.  They thwarted the will of the people on Amendment 1 and other popular initiatives.  They listened to a presentation, presumably payed for by Big Ag and citrus growers that pointed our water problems to septic tanks. They also indicated that the algal blooms and red tide in the Gulf and IRL and Atlantic beaches from polluted waters of Okeechobee through the St Lucie and Caloosahatchee  Rivers were not caused by Ag and Sugar and that the reservoir south of the Lake to catch and filter water before flowing it into the Everglades is a distraction. 

While not espousing all of environmentalist desires, after all he is still a Trumpian conservative and climate change denier, he’d does recognize the right of all citizens and visitors to clean, running water.  He also recognizes the value of Florida’s water to the economy of Florida.

We will have to be vigilant as his bills pass through the legislature, and be ready to write our representatives in Tallahassee to get on the bandwagon.