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February 2018 Prez Sez

The Warming Planet vs Big Oil’s Greed reports that the earth’s global surface temperatures in 2017 ranked as the second warmest since global estimates became possible in 1880, according to a NASA analysis.

It is second only to global temperatures in 2016, where temperatures were bolstered by El Niņo.  El Niņo can cause warming effects around the globe due to the warmer water in the tropical Pacific Ocean. Thus, 2017 was the warmest year without an El Niņo event.

The year continued a decades-long warming trend around the globe, and 17 of the 18 warmest years have now occurred since 2001.

So it is hard for those of us who care for the environment we will leave our grandkids to imagine how these elected so-called representatives can go blindly off and push more oil drilling in our most sensitive areas, more pipelines through people’s lands taken by eminent domain, and now to put an oil refinery adjacent to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.  

That is, until you read the stories published throughout the press including this one in the Huffington Post citing that,

“Just 13 days after the tax law was passed, Charles Koch and his wife, Elizabeth, donated nearly $500,000 to Ryan’s joint fundraising committee, according to a campaign finance report filed Thursday.

Five other donors, including billionaire businessmen Jeffery Hildebrand and William Parfet, each contributed $100,000 in the last quarter of 2017, according to the records.

“It looks like House Speaker Ryan is quickly being rewarded for passing this legislation that overwhelmingly benefits the Kochs and billionaires like them,” Adam Smith, spokesman for campaign finance reform nonprofit Every Voice, told the International Business Times, which first reported the Koch contributions.

The Koch donations were paid into Team Ryan, which raises money for the speaker, the National Republican Congressional Committee and a PAC run by Ryan. On the same day, Charles and Elizabeth Koch also each donated $237,000 to the NRCC.”

"Five other donors, including billionaire businessmen Jeffery Hildebrand and William Parfet, each contributed $100,000 in the last quarter of 2017, according to the records."

This is an abomination.

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