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October 2017 Prez Sez

Best wishes to all.  I hope all is well after the hurricanes and trust that those who are returning from the North are pleasantly surprised by what they find on their return.

REMINDER:  There is no meeting in October.  We started that last year since most of our attending membership consists of snowbirds who do not return to FL until late Oct.

Our next meeting will be Nov 9th at the Marine Discovery Center.  The schedule of meetings and programs is on the website on the meetings page.  I hope you will enjoy this year’s offerings.

The field trip schedule is also posted.  We made some changes to the way we do them, with a couple of trips per month, one of which will be on Saturdays to accommodate folks we have met who cannot attend Friday trips due to work or because they have children in school with whom they would like to attend.  We will evaluate this change as the season progresses based on attendance.

Another change we are implementing to increase our visibility is a booth once month at the NSB Farmer’s Market with the potential for Urban Birding sessions.

Something that is not new is the fact that we need to be vigilant in watching and responding to threats to long sought after improvements to our environment.  A story in the NY Times on Oct 3, 2017, reported on EPA Chief Scott Pruitt’s calendar for the last several months.  The calendar was obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests and shows Pruitt had many meals and meetings and speaking engagements with leaders of industries he is supposed to regulate;  leaders the EPA calls “people Obama ignored.”

On the brighter side, “Senator Rob Bradley (R-Fleming Island) filed legislation to increase state funding for the Florida Forever Land Acquisition Fund. Senate Bill 370 requires the state to spend a minimum of $100 million annually from Amendment One funds on the Florida Forever program.: This according to a Florida Senate press release.

I you want to keep up on the environmental news of the day, visit and sign up for their newsletter.  They provide a synopsis of the environmental and conservation news from the various newspapers in Florida.  

Until we meet again, happy  birding.