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May 2017 Prez Sez

It Is Summer

It’s summer again, the snowbirds have left, along with most of the migrating birds.  We’ve had our last meeting of the year, and are looking forward to starting up again in November.  We have new ideas from our Membership Task Force and field trip sub-committee.  For more, see the article below.

The Florida legislature has also left town (Tallahassee) again refusing to do the will of the people.  They did not earmark any funds from Amendment 1 for land purchases to protect our rivers and springs.  Instead, they are still bleeding Amendment 1 funds to pay for items that should come from general revenues.They did fund a smaller than required reservoir for the discharge of polluted excess water from Okeechobee instead of the rivers and into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic.  How underwhelming.

But they did pass legislation which will enhance the chances for a resurgence of solar PV panels on houses and small businesses by exempting 80% of the value from property taxes.

Meanwhile, at the national level, the EPA continues to be under attack. Today, they fired at least five members of a major scientific review board, according to the New York Times.  Apparently, they may be replaced with representatives from industries the agency is supposed to regulate.

Additionally, President Trump signed an executive order requiring the DOI to review the status of National Monuments established in the last few years.  Seems like something the Florida water management districts did a few years ago when they were directed to evaluate “lands excess to their needs.”  

I urge you to get on the mailing lists of National Audubon and Florida Audubon and similar organizations and take action, sign petitions, to let our lawmakers know that lot’s of their constituents are unhappy with the direction some of them are taking us.

It will be an interesting summer.  Enjoy.  See you on the flip side.