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February 2017 Prez Sez

It was an exciting and exhilarating week plus in in the Baja California, which is in Mexico.  Maureen and I went on an expedition there to be up close and personal with the great whales and other sea creatures for two weeks.  There was no TV and we did not have internet.  But that ended on Feb 24 as the everyday reality set in.

Newly inaugurated President Trump mandatied reviews by newly appointed bureaucrats of scientific data collections and papers on climate science. He also ordered  Department of the Interior Twitter account shut down after a negative tweet about him. He  signed executive orders clearing the way for the Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipelines to move forward and to expedite environmental reviews of other infrastructure projects, lamenting the existing ‘incredibly cumbersome, long, horrible permitting process.’

But there is hope.

Florida. Sen. Dana Young, a Republican, wants the state to ban fracking.  She previously favored fracking until she learned more about it and its potential effects on her district and the state as a whole.

Senate President Joe Negron resigned his job at the law firm representing Big Sugar to remove a perception of conflict of interest over a bill to be introduced to force U.S Sugar, Corp, into selling land for water storage from Okeechobee if the state cannot come up with other suitable sellers. The deal with U.S. Sugar was concluded in 2010, but the company was been reluctant to sell its land.

After learning that the legal bills from the Florida vs Georgia water wars  totaled nearly $100 million since 2001, House Speaker Corcoran asked for an investigation by a pair of State Representatives with accounting backgrounds. Apparently, must think the state is being fleeced?