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February 2014 Speaker

Our February speaker will be Don Chalfant, a retired elementary school teacher and longtime Audubon member.  He now winters here, where we call him a snowbird, and summers in Michigan, where he tells us he is called a snow wimp.  In Michigan, Don has served as his local Audubon Society's president and as their field trip coordinator. He has also been on the Board of Whitefish Point Bird Observatory and was their winter field trip coordinator.  As such, he showed many birders their lifer Gyrfalcon, Great Gray Owl, Northern Hawk-Owl, and Spruce Grouse. His passion for birding has led him to another passion - photographing birds and other wildlife.

Don leads weekly bird walks all winter at the Indian River Lagoon Preserve.

Don titles his talk Birding Humor and says it is a step away from the usual Audubon Society program fare.  It is not intended to inform about endangered species. It does not intend to give you information on new birding destinations. It does not intend to thrill you with great photographic techniques. Instead, it attempts to amuse you, as it finds humor in birds and birders.  It ought to make for a fun evening.

Come and bring a friend.  Free cookies!