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Climate Action Network

climate action networkDo you care about the environment?

You do not have any time!

Do you have e-mail at home?

The CLIMATE ACTION NETWORK will update you on the latest legislation on Climate Change.  All subscriptions are FREE, and come to you via e-mail. The frequency will vary depending on whether the legislature is in session.  

•    In each edition you will read reviews of both good and bad legislation.  More importantly,  you will be alerted to a particular critical issue where you have the opportunity to make a difference. You will be directed to click on a button that will send a prepared letter to your Representative, Senator, and/or whoever else needs to receive the message of support or opposition.  You have the opportunity to take quick action.

•    If you want to modify the message you can.  You can also print it out and mail it hard copy or make a phone call.  You do not need to look up who your representatives are.  It is all right there for you. This is why the sign-up sheet includes your mailing address. We will not use this postal address to send you junk mail—it is simply included in the record so that the system can automatically district-match your letter to your elected official.

•    You can pass critical information along to others.

•    You can unsubscribe at any time.

•    Your information is used solely for this purpose.

•    It works and the more folks we have on the list the more powerful we are.

Click the picture above to join.