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December 2018 Speaker

James “Zach” Zacharias is the Senior Curator of Education and History at the Museum of Arts and Sciences (MOAS) in Daytona Beach, Florida.  James has worked as an amateur archaeologist on several important sites throughout Volusia County, Florida as well as others across the state, both in college and through the Museum.  James has taught art, science, and history programs in the museum setting and through outreach to area schools for over 23 years.  

Zach was born and raised in Miami, Florida and received a degree in Communications from Florida State University and a B.A. in History from the University of Central Florida.  In addition, he holds a Masters in Educational Technology from Nova Southeastern University.  Zach has been responsible for all of MOAS’ educational programing for the last 10 years and created many unique partnerships with area schools and organizations.  At New Smyrna Beach Middle School, James created the award-winning partnership, the "School Museum", creating a working museum at the school based on American Association of Museums standards.  At Turie T. Small Elementary, Zach has created a unique science partnership which raised state standardized science scores 37%.  Recently, James has excavated the fossil remains of a mastodon elephant near the museum that will go on display in the near future.

Zach recently was invited to speak at the Smithsonian Institution on museum education issues and has blogged for the Smithsonian Institution Affiliate’s Website. He is also a regular history writer for the Museum of Arts and Sciences Magazine. Zach issues and gives talks about Florida history throughout Central Florida.

James supervises the educational staff at the museum as well, creating educational programs for children and adults.  James has developed many community partnerships with organizations such as GE Retired Volunteers, Embry-Riddle University, Volusia County Schools, and many others.

He is currently finishing a Florida history book called Legendary Florida Forts: On the Edge of Empire.

Zach lives in Deland, Florida with his wife Allison, who also has a degree in archaeology.  Zach has two children, six pet alpacas, two horses and one dog.

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