Southeast Volusia Audubon Society, P.O. Box 46, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170;

2010 Winter Shorebird Survey

SEVAS was invited by the Volusia County Environmental Section to assist in the Volusia County portion of the 2010 Winter Shorebird Survey sponsored by the Florida Shorebird Alliance. The Florida Shorebird Alliance (FSA) is a statewide partnership of government and non-government organizations committed to advancing shorebird and seabird conservation in Florida through coordinated and collaborative work that helps identify and address important needs with regard to research, management, education, outreach, and public policy. The object is to develop data for a better understanding of shorebirds all along the east coast. We spent some time planning so that our routes and system would be repeatable in future years, making comparisons more meaningful. Of particular interest were Snowy Plovers, Piping Plovers, Wilson’s Plovers and Red Knots. Also particular attention was to be paid to any banded birds. On February 5, 14 of our members and friends set off walking the Atlantic beach and boating the Intracoastal and surrounding wetlands and channels. Ken Park volunteered his boat for the northern portion of the Intracoastal and Don Picard supplied his boat for the south part of the Intracoastal and the wetland channels near JB’s Fish Camp. (Actually, Don did his part of the survey on February 4 due to an ominous weather forecast.) In total, we counted 59 species and 4520 birds, a terrific total. The Inland and Intracoastal birders saw 52 species and 2711, while the Atlantic side saw 24 species and 1809 birds. On the downside, the only target birds counted were 5 Red Knots observed by Nancy White and Marsha Cox. The only banded birds were a Sandwich Tern observed by Ken Gunn and Tad Fyock and 2 Royal Terns observed by Tad a couple of hours before the official count time began. Several people took great photographs. Thanks to everyone who participated. See you next year.