2010 Winter Shorebird Survey

SEVAS was invited by the Volusia County Environmental Section to assist in the Volusia County section of the 2010 Winter Shorebird Survey sponsored by the Florida Shorebird Alliance. The Florida Shorebird Alliance (FSA) is a statewide partnership of government and non-government organizations committed to advancing shorebird and seabird conservation in Florida through coordinated and collaborative work that helps identify and address important needs with regard to research, management, education, outreach, and public policy.   

Tad Fyock, Nancy White and Don Picard took pictures during the survey.  Here are some of them, edited for size for purposes of this presentation.  All these pictures are copyrighted to the respective owners and cannot be used without their consent.  The first five pictures are mine, the next  three are Nancy's and the remainder are Tad's.

Scroll down the thumbnails on the left to see the larger picture on the right.  Let your mouse hover over the thumbnails to see the names of the species.